Rayzor Professional Lightweight Red UV400 Sports Wrap Cycling Sunglasses – Review

Since taking my first serious cycle ride on my new road bike (the Cube Attempt 20 speed I reviewed here), the fly I discovered in the corner of my eye afterwards was enough for me to get straight on the internet and order a good pair of wrap around sunglasses.

I had already decided that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on glasses as I already had a nice pair of everyday sunnies. After checking the various well known cycle shops online I was starting to feel that I’d to need to dig deep as most glasses were £25 upwards. Then I discovered this pair on Amazon for under £15 delivered, the reviews were positive so I took the punt.

My new Rayzor Professional’s arrived today and I’m very happy with them for the price, I might even wear them when I’m not cycling too as they look great. The version I went for is the red pair at the top of this post, although Amazon also do the Rayzor’s in a few other colours which you can see below:

Click any of the pictures to read more about them on Amazon.co.uk

I think these glasses are lightweight, stylish, well made and most importantly excellent value. They are comfortable to wear & darken the view well without removing all the colour, I’ll probably pick up one of the yellow lens versions soon for evening/night riding, it may seem strange but the idea is to dim oncoming headlights of passing cars who are often not considerate to cyclists.


Jason Vigus