Casio Exilim EX-S770 charging problem (& 9v battery fix)

After 6 months without use (or charging), unsurprisingly our Casio EX-S770 digital camera had a completely flat battery & wouldn’t power on, what I didn’t expect (but probably should have thought about) was for it to refuse to charge because it was so discharged – the dock’s red charging light would simply “blink” at me when the camera was docked.

Turns out there is a fairly simple work around to this, you just need to get a tiny bit of power into the battery to kick-start the charge, to do this I simply grabbed a 9v (square) battery, connected the camera’s positive terminal with the positive on the 9v, the negative to the negative, let it transfer power for about 45 seconds & when the camera was docked again the solid red charging light returned, a few hours later the camera was fully charged and working as if nothing had ever happened.

I thought I’d share this here just incase anyone else has the same issue and wants to give this a go before shelling out for a brand new battery, good luck!

Jason Vigus

One thought on “Casio Exilim EX-S770 charging problem (& 9v battery fix)

  1. my casio ex s770 battery doesn’t hold its charge. I have 2 batteries it’s the same with both of them. If I don’t use it within a week I switch on then it says low battery and closes down.
    Can anyone suggest anything please.

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