Access you iCloud Photo Stream from your Mac

One of the best features of iCloud these days is it’s ability to automatically sync your photo’s between devices, so if you take a picture on your iPhone or IPad it will automatically appear on any other devices you have.

You can extend this functionality to your Mac too but unfortunately its not necessarily obvious how to do this at first glance.This quick guide will get you accessing your iCloud Photo Steam on your Mac in no time:

Turning on Photo Stream on in IOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad device)

The first step you will need to do is enable iCloud Photo Stream on your IOS device. To enable Photo Stream on your iOS device: Go to Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream. Slide the switch over so it reads “On.” That’s it!

Accessing Photo Stream on your Mac via iPhoto

This is the simplest way to access the iCloud Photo Steam on your Mac device, for this example I am using iPhoto 9.5.8:

1. Open iPhoto. On menu on the left at the bottom, click the “Photo Stream” option.
2. You will see a yellow notice on the screen that explaining what to do next.
3. Click the arrow icon at the end of the notice text, and click the box next to the “My Photo Stream” option. Your photos will begin to load into iPhoto, be patient – If you have a lot of photos already in your Photo Stream, it may take a while before for them all to sync.


Jason Vigus